Our Team

Our employees make NESN who we are, a passionate, motivated and dynamic team. Hear from a few of our All Stars on why they enjoy being part of our mission.

From day one Yasmine hit the ground running, exhibiting a wonderful combination of enthusiasm, confidence and charisma. She brings spirit, an inexorable work ethic and contagious enthusiasm to NESN and every business partner she collaborates with.

“I have had such a great experience working at NESN — one of the top sports brands in the country — and every day I’m surrounded by a diverse and knowledgeable team that helps me learn and grow as a person and professional. I absolutely love the atmosphere at NESN, you really feel like part of a team with a sense of purpose, and have the opportunity to be creative. For those looking to get into media, NESN is a great opportunity.”

Yasmine, Marketing Solutions Manager

Will’s enthusiasm and energy he brings to his work and the team here at NESN, is contagious. We could not be more happy to have him here as a team member and friend.

“If you asked any right-minded New Englander the 3 loves of their lives they’d of course list Mom, their husband or wife and maybe their puppy… As close 2nds right below are the Red Sox and Bruins. I am no different. I love sports, am a Red Sox junkie and follow pretty much any New England sports team with passion (often rage). And at NESN, I can make a career out of it. We are members of the teams we love. Not something you can say about pretty much any other company. Brag much? Yes!!! Another perk.”

Will, Writer/Producer

We are fortunate to have Rose as a part of the NESN team for the last 34 years, as she worked her way up from a receptionist to the first and only female Coordinating Producer in the NHL!

“What I like most about my job is directing Boston Bruins hockey and producing the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. I value and appreciate the opportunity I was provided to explore other opportunities here at NESN early in my career, and the support I received in succeeding in these goals. I also immensely appreciate the devotion of the talented NESN employees, from the 30 year veterans to our new hires. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunities NESN has to offer.”

Rose, Coordinating Producer- Bruins

Chris has been part of the NESN team since 2008. He is a natural leader, mentoring his team and teaching by doing.

“Being my one and only television job, NESN has provided numerous challenges and an equal amount of learning opportunities to allow me to grow from a part-time employee to a manager. Much like the teams that NESN airs, the employees cater to a ‘team environment’ by leveraging the various strengths from its workforce, supporting each other cross-departmentally, fostering this growth. Change is inevitable even in the television world, and NESN is, and has been, at the forefront, leading the pack. To be a part of that is a reward in itself, which is one of my key motivators.”

Chris, Technical Operations Manager