Our Story

At NESN, we are proud of our people, our sports teams, our programming and the diverse communities we serve. We are the definitive source for all of your Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins coverage.

We are dedicated to delivering award-winning content that connect the most passionate fans to their favorite sports team.

It is People, Passion and Purpose that makes us the preeminent regional sports network in the country; the most watched network in New England, and a top-20 nationally-ranked sports website.

What Drives Us

Our values come into play each and every day. They are the fundamentals for excellent play, performance and collaboration. If these values are in your playbook – come join us for a great game!

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What We’ve Achieved

We are proud of all of the amazing accomplishments our team has made over the years. From Emmy’s to Employee Recognition and so much more, we are successful because our team is dedicated and passionate about what they do.

We love our Boston sports teams! Our Creative Services department does a great job getting us excited about our teams, so we couldn’t help but share some of their work here.

What We Say

NESN strives to be the preeminent regional sports network in the country. We are committed to creating and distributing New England sports content that entertains, informs and enriches people’s lives.

We are intently focused on delivering Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins programming and promotion of unparalleled breadth and quality.

NESN is committed to superior financial performance, providing a challenging and rewarding work environment and meaningful corporate citizenship.

Our employees make NESN who we are – a passionate, motivated and dynamic team! Hear from a few of our externs about what they enjoyed learning from our team members over the course of the summer below.

Bobby Perette, Assistant Content Producer

I started at with NESN during the beginning of the pandemic after applying to the Grand Slam Series externship program and being accepted. Every session was more inspiring from the last and I took all the information they gave me, using it to apply for a Bruins Broadcast Associate internship, which I got. As I continued to learn and grow with NESN, I was soon offered an Assistant Content Producer role with the Production team. My time here at NESN has been amazing so far. It is impossible not to be inspired the second you walk in the door. When you go into work every day, you witness the passion of the industry and of the game. You see how hard working and dedicated this team is to make NESN a premiere sports network. I can truly say I would not be in the position I am without the team at NESN being so kind and accepting, helping me learn the ropes. This has been the best/ most inspiring experience of my life and I can not wait to continue to work and grow with such a great company.

Derek Perkins, Utility Player

I am a recent graduate at Bentley University with a BA in Management and Minor in Law. I didn’t know too much about career opportunities at NESN until they came to a career fair at my school. From there, I met with a few people from the company who gave a couple of students (myself included) an opportunity to come in and tour NESN. We had a chance to speak with members of the management team about our thoughts and ideas in a very casual atmosphere. NESN kept in touch after our visit and when the pandemic hit, they reached out to see how we were doing and if we were looking for a career opportunity. NESN offered me an opportunity to join their new rotational program as a utility player, where I could learn what I like to do and learn about the industry. Every few months I transition into a new department to learn and work in another area of the business. As a result, NESN gave me the best opportunity to jumpstart my career!

Keosha Denis, Operations Resource Scheduler

I’m a Resource Scheduler for the Operations team here at NESN. A Boston native, I started with NESN end of Summer 2019. Coming from the medical industry that I’ve worked in for over 10 years, NESN was one of the biggest career leaps I have ever taken. I don’t regret it one bit. Although I loved what I did working in the medical field I wasn’t satisfied and I wanted more growth and challenge. When I saw the Scheduling position at NESN posted I thought twice before applying, but I went for it. A few weeks later I was contacted by NESN for a interview and after that it was all she wrote! Coming from the medical industry and then stepping into broadcasting was a risk I took and now I am not looking back. I have had the opportunity to learn a new industry, network with professionals in the field, exposed to other roles within the company and I continue to grow new skills each day. Happy to be working here at NESN!