Our Story

At NESN, we are proud of our people, our sports teams, our programming and the diverse communities we serve. We are the definitive source for all of your Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins coverage.

We are dedicated to delivering award-winning content that connect the most passionate fans to their favorite sports team.

It is People, Passion and Purpose that makes us the preeminent regional sports network in the country; the most watched network in New England, and a top-20 nationally-ranked sports website.

What Drives Us

Our values come into play each and every day. They are the fundamentals for excellent play, performance and collaboration. If these values are in your playbook – come join us for a great game!

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What We’ve Achieved

We are proud of all of the amazing accomplishments our team has made over the year. This year alone, we were nominated for 14 Emmy’s and took home 6 wins!

We love our Boston sports teams! Our Creative Services department does a great job getting us excited about our teams, so we couldn’t help but share some of their work here.

What We Say

Our employees make NESN who we are – a passionate, motivated and dynamic team! Hear from a few of our All Stars about why they enjoy being part of our mission, detailed here:

NESN strives to be the preeminent regional sports network in the country. We are committed to creating and distributing New England sports content that entertains, informs and enriches people’s lives.

We are intently focused on delivering Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins programming and promotion of unparalleled breadth and quality.

NESN is committed to superior financial performance, providing a challenging and rewarding work environment and meaningful corporate citizenship.

“Being a part of my team is exciting! The industry is always changing, and you come into work every day knowing you can be creative and, through social media, reach people not just in New England, but all over.

I’ve met former athletes that I watched growing up that have turned into colleagues and current athletes who have shown how human they are off the court/field/ice. The media members in New England are so talented and I find myself in “pinch me” moments all the time.

My team has become a second family for me and I’ve make some of my best friends here. Plus, I work in sports… in New England!”

Courtney, Digital

“When I was young and thinking about the future, my dream job was working at a place like NESN – I always wanted to get paid to watch sports or listen to music. In the most unexpected way possible, I got hired in 2005, a few weeks before I graduated from college. It’s been a wild 15 years covering the city of champions on a regular basis.

I still can’t believe I have a Stanley Cup ring and multiple World Series rings. These are things I didn’t think were possible since I’m an Editor and not actually on the Sox or B’s, but NESN is part of a bigger team and I’m forever grateful.

My favorite moment came in 2011 after the Bruins won the Cup and it made a visit to NESN – my youngest son was almost a year old and even though Mom didn’t want me to do it, his cute little body fit perfectly inside that Cup. The look on his older brother’s face was amazing. I’ll never forget that perfect day. It gets dusty in my edit bay every time I think about it…

The best compliment/feedback I ever got is a close second for my favorite moment of all-time. Shortly after Bergeron at 1000 debuted, #37 sought out one of the show’s producers after practice. Patrice said him and his family loved it and thanked us – umm, are you serious? Not only did my favorite player watch the show that I helped edit, but he enjoyed it and made a point to let us know. Unreal feeling!

It’s the magical moments that make life worth living and a ton have taken place throughout the course of my career here. It’s why NESN continues to be my dream job after all these years.”

Tyler, Operations

“Sales is a work-hard, play-hard environment. We’re very close knit and always lending a helping hand to each other when we can!

I enjoy how collaborative my position allows me to be as well as the fact that I am able to showcase my creativity.

My advice: it can be extremely intimidating to put yourself out there and reach out to professionals in the industry. However, this is how you learn, grow and are given opportunities. Once you get in the swing of networking events, it becomes second nature and opens so many doors!”

Bethany, Sales