Our Commitments

At NESN, we are committed to diversity and inclusion as well as support of our local communities. Learn more about the ways in which we live our commitments below.

Diversity & Inclusion at NESN

Diversity: It is all the characteristics, experiences, and thoughts that make us similar and different. We aim to leverage our differences as they fuel ideas, innovation and opportunity.

Inclusion: It is the experience we aim to create in our workplace and within the communities that we serve. We practice this by welcoming and listening to all voices and perspectives. Where every employee is valued, can thrive and do their best work. We believe fostering connection and curiosity drives learning, engagement, and business success.


NESN connects with the communities in which we operate by supporting organizations that are focused on the health and basic needs of the people of New England. Since 1984, NESN has been making a meaningful difference in the lives of people throughout New England by supporting causes and initiating events that help raise millions of dollars every year via our NESN Connects program.

John P. Martin Memorial Trainee Program

In 2019 we launched the John P. Martin Memorial Trainee Program to provide real-world practice, in-depth training and expert coaching to a motivated high school student. The program provides the opportunity to learn about all areas of remote production for a broadcast television network.

Our first Trainee, Jalila, made a great impact on our team and formed connections with our employees from a variety of departments. Jalila shared, “Thank you and everyone at NESN for truly giving me an unforgettable experience this summer. I learned so much about the sports media and entertainment industry. I was everywhere, from down in the dugout or in the truck to being up in the three-man booth. Spending time at the NESN studio gave me a first hand look of what it truly means to be behind the scenes with departments like sales, marketing, digital and traffic. Everyone treated me so nicely and made me really feel apart of the NESN team. Not to mention, the beautiful memories people brought up about John Martin and his family. I think my favorite memory from this program is getting to see the Red Sox play from the Green Monster seats. I had a wonderful time with NESN and feel very lucky that I was the first John Martin Trainee. This experience has truly cemented a career for me in the media industry and I hope to come back to NESN soon!”

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